In Analysis, transdisciplinary journal of psychoanalysis and science contributes to the scientific dialogue in psychology by publishing articles of both clinical and academic relevance related to the psychoanalytic field. In order to validate, extend and challenge existing findings, we promote the theoretical triangulation by using alternative perspectives provided by a wide range of disciplines such as cognitive and experimental psychology, medicine, biology, neurosciences, humanities, social sciences, critical studies, etc.

Our approach is underpinned by a permanent commitment to the questioning of the epistemological background of psychoanalysis and science as it determines clinical and theoretical issues. We also enhance research reflecting on clinical practices, drawing from this plural theoretical frame.

In Analysis publishes three times a year in French or in English peer-reviewed original articles, interviews, position papers and commentaries, summaries of doctoral theses, editorials on up-to-date topics, and book reviews on all topics that broaden the knowledge on the link between psychoanalysis and sciences. 

Each issue contains a debate focused on a disputable scientific/clinical topic opened by a leading researcher. The opening article is simultaneously commented on by scholars from different disciplines in order to increase the validity of the discussion.

This publication is designed for researchers and health practitioners.